Estreno de “HIGHWAY SOUNDSCAPES” para cuarteto de percusión. Obra finalista del “Tromp Competition” de Eindhoven 2010 y primer premio del “Italy Pass 2012”. Editada en HoneyRock Editions (USA)

HoneyRock – Music for Drums & Percussion

1st Place Winner PAS ITALY Composition Contest – 2012

«Highway Soundscapes» for Percussion Ensemble The piece`s program is based on own experience of driving weekly more than 600 km through different highways during last 3 years. Through the four seasons and different hours of the day, the roads offered changing landscapes that gave inspiration for the program of this piece. («Highway Soundscapes» has been also selected to be performed during «Tromp Competition», November 2010, in Eindhoven). Special thanks to percussionist Javier Infesta, for his help during the writing process. PERFORMING: Oscar Alblas (Player 1): Vibes, Temple blocks, suspended cymbal. Laura Trompetter (Player 2): Tom-toms, Tam tam, Symphonic Bass Drum, Pedal Bass Drum, rain stick and Cabasa. Yves Popow (Player 3): Timpani, Roto-toms and Snare, Luuk van Rossum (Player 4): Marimba, Glockenspiel, Snare, Hi-Hat with sleigh bells and Suspended cymbal, Rehearsed by Hans Leenders and Chris Leenders. Conducted by Roberto Bautista 1st «The Awakening of the City (6.00 a.m.)» 2nd «The Highway in the Morning» 3rd «Rain and Nature» 4th «Night, Gas Station and Village» 5th «Driving back home: Highway Ap-2, (Delicias Klein)»

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