Bitacora comes to be Antonio Ballestín’ diary of musical experiences. In the project converges different musical languages like jazz, folk and contemporary music. That’s the reason they like to call it ‘amphibious music’. The band was based in 2003, playing in different festivals and series, standing out their presence in the 2010 Zaragoza Jazz Festival.

The actual composition of the band is:

  • Fran Gazol (Drum and Percussion), 
  • Javier Callén (Double and Electric Bass),
  • Alex Comín (Electric and Acoustic Guitar),
  • Roberto Gómez Cinca (Trumpet and Fiscorno), 
  • Alex Doñágueda (Saxophon and Transverse Flute), 
  • Jose Alberto Martínez (Trombone and Percussion) y 
  • Antonio Ballestín (Piano, Keys and Composition).

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Download our dossier:

Bitacora Dossier-English